B2B eCommerce Services
An incredibly feature rich, flexible and scalable eCommerce platform with unique B2B eCommerce functionality.
Effective Sales Process
In the modern world, around 75% of B2B buyers research at least half of their work-related purchases online with a third completing 50% of their purchases online. These percentages are only going to increase and therefore our B2B eCommerce offering gives manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors the ability to increase their efficiency of the sales process.

Selling products to businesses using an online channel is much more complex than selling to private customers. The challenge for businesses is to have a solution that works with their current systems but also work in conjunction with existing sales and customer markets. It is essential that your online offering has an optimised and attractive layout, clear navigation and functional site search. We focus on designing simple user journeys that guide visitors through the purchasing process quickly and seamlessly.

We understand that there are some key differences which result in different functional and user experience needs. The customers for your business will be much broader than a B2C webshop, from large organisations through to independent traders needing to be accommodated.
Are you already thinking:
We need
to improve our operational processes and automate business processes to improve our operational efficiency
We need
a B2B eCommerce solution that is easy for our business customers to use
We want
to be able to manage sites for multiple trading partners on a single platform
We're looking
to integrate with our back-office systems
We have the capabilities and expertise to deal with your potentially large product portfolios and product volumes. Our B2B eCommerce solution lets your customers research, buy and manage their business transactions from their PC, mobile, tablet. The platform works efficiently with features that look to save your customers time. Our order management tools give your customers the ability to place orders, make changes and track orders, giving them controlled management over their bulk purchases.

We have extensive experience with integrating our eCommerce platform into various back-office systems including ERP, CRM and retail management systems, increasing efficiency within your business.
A B2B eCommerce solution must have the ability to develop and scale in order for business customers to commit to you as a supplier through contracts and formal agreements.

The flexibility of our B2B platform means multiple B2B sites can be created and managed through the portal. To be effective, it is possible to sell from one catalogue but with the product information revised for different markets that is also matched with relevant language, currency and payment facilities. Attracting customers from different regions means that your business and your revenues can continue to grow.
Key features
    Customer Specific Pricing
    Trade customers only see their own
    negotiated price plans on their account
    VAT Configuration
    Trade customers can see prices
    exclusive of VAT as a default
    but can be altered to show VAT
    in different formats if required
    Minimum Spend Facility
    Encourage customer spend, increase shopping cart value and avoid small orders with little return
    Discount Manager
    Encourage online purchase by offering
    additional discount incentives
    Sales Representation
    Sales agents automatically able to add
    percentages across all products, specific
    categories or individual items as commission
    Repeat Order Function
    Users can place repeat orders through
    their individual account Order History
    Replicate Shops
    Shops can be cloned at touch of a button
    to then change prices, amend languages,
    currency and payment functions
    Seamless Integrations
    Seamlessly connect with your back-office
    systems to increase business efficiency
    Limit buyer’s ability to view and purchase
    products based on their account access
    permissions or seniority in the company
    Budget Manager
    Gives trade customer’s ability to monitor
    and track spend through allocated funds
Trade customers only see their own
negotiated price plans on their account
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