Your Ideas - Our Features
Our features are led by our clients, both B2B & B2C. The list below shows a snapshot of what's available. If you need a feature which isn't listed, please get in touch as we'd love to help.
Look & Feel
Whilst we have themes in our platform, most of our clients prefer to customise their storefronts. Our approach to building eCommerce websites is to work with you to create the shop that you wish to have. Whilst “build-your-own” websites exist in the marketplace, working with your ideas on brand can create the best end result for your target audience.
  • In-house Design Team
  • Inbuilt Templates
  • Bespoke Feature Creation
  • Access to CSS and Javascript
  • Optimised for Mobile & Tablet
Online Payments
We work with the best payment gateway providers to give you peace of mind and the freedom to choose the right provider for your business.
  • Connect Multiple Payment Providers
  • Free Set-up
  • No Transaction Charges
are just some of our recommended partner payment providers, if you require another gateway then please get in touch.
We recognise that many of our clients have established relationships with warehouses. However we can also offer our own Fulfilment Centre solutions if required which are also integrated with your store.

Warehouse Locations are as follows:
  • UK - Derby, Slough, Dartford, Luton, Basildon
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • France
Domestic & International Shipping Flexibility
Use your own courier rates or use our rate cards with some of the main courier firms such as Fedex, TNT, DPD, DHL and wnDirect. As we grow our buying power to reduce rates to our clients will continue. Those benefits will be passed on to our customers.
  • Offer Free Shipping on Checkout
  • Duty & Tax Export Calculations
  • “Click & Collect” services in 19 different countries including Russia! (parcel, volume & and weight restrictions apply)
  • Shipping Calculations based on Dead Weight on Checkout
Shopping Cart
Our shopping cart is easy to use and clear for your customers to complete the checkout process
  • Discount Codes / Coupons (by value or percentage)
  • Cart Abandonment – automatically send payment links to customers who abandon their carts on checkout
  • Paypal Express, Paypal, Realex, Sagepay, Sagepayments, Worldpay, Stripe
  • Payment by Invoice
  • Payment by Cost Code (optional dropdown menu)
  • Set & Display Picking & Packing Costs
  • Set Exchange Rates for Multiple Currencies
  • Set Taxation Rates by Country
  • Set Taxation Rates by Postal code or Zip code
Customer Management
Customer Management is key for combined B2B and B2C Stores.
  • Restrict Access to Categories (e.g. differentiate between trade and retail users on the same store)
  • Upload Customers by CSV
  • Make Clients Active / Inactive
  • Restrict Access by IP Address
  • Restrict Access by Domain Name
  • Sign in, Sign Up, Request Access for Non-Authorised Customers
  • Customer Accounts & Profiles
  • Ability to Preset Dropdown Lists of Addresses by Company Location or Defined Users
  • Customer Correspondence Email Templates (HTML or Plain Text)
Security & Domain Names
Keeping your site secure from potential data breaches and hacking is paramount to any eCommerce Store. Our Commitment to you is to create the most secure data environment as possible for your business and your end customers.
  • Choice of SSL Certificates via Comodo, Symantec, Thwarte, rapidSSL, GeoTrust
  • Use our FREE domain "" (although always better to have your own!)
  • PCI Compliant
  • Secure Encrypted Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Instant Upgrades
  • 99.99% Uptime and 24/7 Monitoring
Product & Inventory Management
Our features are built with both B2B and B2C in mind, creating great flexibility.
  • Unlimited Products
  • Multiple Images and Rotating Animated GIFs
  • Links to Product Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Drag & Drop Ordering of Products in Categories
  • Multiple Variants for Brand, Colours & Sizing
  • Display "On Sale" Prices
  • Set Multiple Price Breaks (ideal for trade and wholesale stores)
  • Minimum & Maximum Order Quantities (also sell in packs of “x”)
  • Set VAT Override Rates by Product
Marketing & SEO
Key Features
  • Connect to Google Analytics or Google eCommerce analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Metatags, Descriptions
  • Product Tags
  • Dynamic Site Mapping
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Checkout Questionnaire (gain valuable feedback by asking customers to complete on order submission)
Your store is available every minute of everyday and we support you throughout your eCommerce lifetime.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Discussion Forums (Coming Soon)
  • Help centre
  • UK Based Support Staff
Group Buy
  • Group Buy functionality is a great feature that allows customers to “join” their orders so as to reduce their overall price. By customers “piggy backing” on multiple orders you can drive higher sales
Reseller & Global Pricing
  • For clients who have multiple agents or introducers, through the platform, you are able to set individual % margins for your agents as commissions
Multiple Site Cloning
  • At the touch of a button you can clone your site automatically and create a new brand or new website without having to start from scratch!
Quotation Request Site
  • Not only can you create a site that has stock – you can also create sites advertising products that require a quotation request based on the quantity needed and are added to a Quote Basket. Letting clients interact with you before buying is often useful for items that require customisation